Friday, February 25, 2011

20 months old!

Kaitlyn is now 20 months old!! wow, I can't believe she'll be 2 in just 4 months!! Since she was 18 months old, I have been writing things that she's been saying on scraps of paper all over the house. I needed to sit down and finally blog about it here it goes! It may totally bore someone else reading it, but I wrote it mainly so we can look back on it someday...

We love having conversations with her.... The other day she said, "Kaitlyn slippers go?" And I asked her "Where did they go?" And she looked at me with the sweetest voice and shrugged her shoulders and said "Well I don't know!"
When we had the big snow blizzard, we sat at the window one day and watched the snow and Kaitlyn said, "Ooooh look, Bubbles!" And I said, "No, actually that's snow". and she said "bubbles" and I said "snow" and we went back and forth until finally I said, "okay fine its bubbles!" haha . the next day she said "snow" on her own. I think she just wanted me to agree with her!She likes to ask everything/everyone "what you doing? " One day, she picked up these big plastic eyes that belong to her cozy coupe car. I heard say, "Hi Eyes...what are you doing?" ha! :) She'll walk up to our dog and say, "Jacey, What are you doing?" And the tone in her voice will go up and down as she says it.
She LOVES books, letters, shapes, drawing with a pen, and colors, baby dolls, amongst lots of other things!! She can identify most colors--blue, pink, purple, green, orange, yellow, black, white, and red. I think her favorites are orange and yellow. At the doctor's office she was looking around and every time she spotted something yellow, she yelled "YEWOW!!" It was cute.She memorizes her books and likes to sit next to me and tell me what they say. She loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see. Sometimes in the car, when we aren't singing songs, we can recite the entire book together.
A couple months ago, she heard someone call me "Amy". Later in the day out of nowhere she looked at me and shouted, "AMY!" It was so funny! So of course I laughed and she kept doing it. Another day she was eating and trying to get my attention, so she started out saying "Mommy, mommy, momma, momma, momma, MOM! Mom! AMY AMY AMY!!" I just died laughing! But told her she should call me Mommy or Momma! :)She says "Thank you" quite a bit! she's done that since she's 12 months old. Every time I hand her something or if she hands me something you hear a "Thank you" and if anyone sneezes, she always says "bless you". even for herself, or if the dog coughs or sneezes...
She's been saying "careful" a lot. Like she'll say "careful mommy..." if I am about to step on something. She tells herself careful if she's about to fall or trips over something. it's cute!
She's really into singing songs about Jesus! We have a Christian children's CD that has her name in the songs and every time we get in the car, she says, "Mommy...sing Jesus!" She also likes to pray. :) She LOVES church too!When looking for something, for instance if I say, "Where is your Barney doll?" she'll sing to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin"--but she'll say "Where is Barney, Where is Barney...lalala, lalala.." I think I do that without thinking since I am a Kindergarten teacher and she's just picking up on it. haha. Oh, this is another good story... In the car she saw a Circle K sign and said, "Mommy, Look it's a K! Kaitlyn K, Kaitlyn K!" Then we turned to another street and she said, "Bye bye K" and then a few minutes later we heard her singing to the Where is Thumbkin tune... "where's your K? Where's your K?"
She says bye bye to just about everything/everyone she sees... Getting out of the bathtub..."Bye bye water, bye bye Dora (her bathtub doll), bye bye cups...." At church she'll see stuff on the walls, "Bye bye fish, bye bye giraffe..." I'll pick her up from day care, "Bye bye legos, bye bye kids"... and then will name off all the kids that go there.She stayed well most of winter until suddenly she got hit with pneumonia a couple weeks ago. :( It was so awful. She didn't even look like herself. Luckily, we were able to treat her at home with antibiotics and breathing treatments and she got better within a week. There was a lot of sleepless nights. She hardly ate anything during that time and I think she lost about 2 pounds. It was strange to see her not eat much because usually she's such a good eater.

Speaking of eating, she LOVES eating french fries, ice cream, cookies, chips, (ha, I promise I feed her healthy food too!)... and she loves carrots, pears, peaches, lasagna, spaghetti and chicken! She also eats with a fork pretty good all by herself. You can always tell when she 's eating something she REALLY likes, she laughs with every bite! It's so funny.

she loves putting on mommy and daddy's shoes. Here she is walking around with Daddy's shoes. (I couldn't figure out how to turn this picture the right way.)
She likes to get crayons or a pen and tells me to draw her "shapes". I'll draw the shapes and then she'll say them over and over again..She knows rectangle, triangle, square, heart, and star. she LOVES doing that! She has these foam letters in the bathtub and she used to hand them each to me and say "E" for each one. I couldn't understand how she knew there was a letter that was an E? Then I saw her Elmo stuffed doll has an E hanging from him and when you squeeze it, Elmo says, "E, E is for Elmo!" So one day while in the bathtub, as she handed me the letters, I said a few of them and said something that began with that letter just for the fun of it. "That's an M, m is for Momma, That's an R, r is for rabbit!" and a few more. She REMEMBERED them the next day. I couldn't believe it. she now knows around 8 letters. She gets so excited to tell me those letters! Every now and then she'll also count to 12. She only does it when she's really into play and she lays out her toys like she's really counting them.
She likes to say "Wow, cool!" When she doesn't like something she says "like it" and shakes her head no. Or "want it" and shakes her head no. In her playroom there is a picture of me and her by her window. She likes to carry it over to her chair at her table and pretend that I am sitting in that chair with her. Its so funny!
When Bill isn't home, I ask Kaitlyn, "where is daddy?" and she looks at me as if telling me something I really didn't know. "Daddy's working!"
Instead of saying "Hold me" she says "Mommy, hold you!" and reaches for me. Instead of asking to hold something, she says "Hug it!" We'll be in the grocery store and she'll see goldfish crackers and she'll reach for it and say, "Mommy, hug it!"

I could go on and on!! Every day is a new adventure and every day she knows more and more!! I love this little girl so much and can't imagine my life without her!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Look at that snow!! Kaitlyn and I have had so much fun together over all these snow days. I haven't gotten cabin fever, just enjoying every minute! The first snow day last week, I brought the snow in to Kaitlyn and let her touch it and play with it inside. But the snow was so extremely cold, she didn't care to touch it. After it set out for about 20 minutes, I made a mini snowman for her on the counter top. I wish I had taken a picture of it! I think she was happy to be home too! :)

Last Friday I bundled Kaitlyn up and we went outside. It was still pretty cold, so even though bundled up, we were only out for about 3 minutes. Saturday it felt better so we were able to make a snowman!She is 19 months now. Whew, the time sure flies with her! Usually at church, before meals, and before bed we say a prayer, but since I was holding the camera (video below), I think she was confused when I told her to pray. She was probably thinking mommy's not doing it, why should I? :) ha.

It was actually the first time she said her ABC's almost all the way through. Usually we sing it together. She has been counting to 12 too. I have no idea how she learns things so quickly!! she listens to EVERYTHING we say! Today she heard a lady on TV that said something like, "I want to win some money!" And Kaitlyn went around repeating it in the same tone the lady said it. ha.
Goofy girl!
In this next video (below) I caught her reading. It's hard to catch her doing something by the time I get the camera. Its a book that on each page its says thank you God for all different things. She was singing "Thank you God.." and turning the page and singing it again. Me and Bill sing the book to her just to make it more fun.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

January zoo day!!

Crazy to think that less than a week ago we were at the zoo. Without having to wear jackets and wearing short the zoo. Perfectly perfect weather! We had so much fun! We could have probably stayed all day. I see something new every time I visit the zoo! In the pictures below we walked through the "cat forest". It was really pretty and we could see tigers behind the fences pretty close up.

Kaitlyn really loved the children's zoo. I was pretty nervous to let her touch the goats because I had a pretty horrific experience with goats when I was a child at the zoo....goats attacked me because I had food and I had about 15 goats trying to climb on me. I will never forget that! ha. I was about 3 years old then. Goats are strange little animals. We went inside the little barn to see other animals and when we came out about 6 goats were making a semi-circle like they were waiting for us to come out. Bill joked that they remembered me from when i was a child.
she was fearless!!


I have so many things to still post on here...but I thought I would make a post on hair! haha. I am so excited Kaitlyn's hair is long enough to do pig-tails! Her hair is very curly and every night when we give her a bath, we see its actually way longer than it seems when wet. I was surprised that she was okay with me pulling her hair to make these pigtails. I usually do it when her hair is still wet from the tub so it will stay better. In this picture her hair still looks wet and it was the first time I put her hair up, so its not a perfectly straight line in the middle...ha. She looks so cute and so grown up in them! I then realized I didn't have many bows in multiples of two, so I had to go out and search for bows!

And just to be silly, I posted pics of me and Bill and our new haircuts. :)