Monday, December 28, 2009

Kaitlyn laughing...

Kaitlyn turned 6 months old on Christmas Eve and that was when we got this video. She's been laughing for us but not many have seen her laugh out loud so we were excited to get her on video. She's doing it more and more each day. She also started eating her baby veggies about a week ago. She seemed to like eating them at first but now we are having a hard time with both veggies and cereal. I think I am putting way too much in her bottle and she is too full to eat solids. I gotta figure out the best way to do that. Or maybe she's too tired when we feed her the solids? I am so glad to be at home these two weeks to try the different foods with her. She is ALSO sitting up by herself. This past month has been a BIG month--So many firsts! from first Christmas, first snow, first veggies, first time sitting up (without support), and first time getting sick :( (not fun). She's also realizing that rolling several times will get her somewhere. I can lay her on a blanket and next thing you know she's halfway across our living room!! She is a very happy baby. :) I am going to have a hard time going back to school next week after spending so much time with her.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We are SO excited for Kaitlyn's first Christmas!! Of course she really won't know what is going on and will probably only care about the wrapping paper when opening gifts...but we are excited to celebrate with her. On Christmas Eve Kaitlyn will be 6 months old. I can't believe she's already half of a year! She's so much fun! She's a very happy baby and has been laughing out loud quite a bit now. She recently had a cold that turned into croup, so its been really hard to see her not feeling good. She hasn't slept very well at night the last 3 nights and has had a hard time breathing, so we are hoping that tonight she'll finally be able to get her sleep. She's on the road to recovery now and is already feeling better.
It's FINALLY my Christmas break!! I have been looking forward to now ALL semester. I get to be at home for 2 weeks with my baby girl!! I know it will fly by though. Here are a few pictures that were taken this last week at our house.