Monday, June 28, 2010

She's 1!

Kaitlyn is 1!! I can't believe it! She had a really great birthday! Thursday was her actual BIRTHDAY and Bill took off work. We went out to eat for breakfast and then headed over to the Splash Pad in Choctaw for the first time. Kaitlyn LOVED it!! We came home and played with her, ate lunch, gave her a nap and then went to my mom's pool for a little while. Bill's sister, Erin made Kaitlyn's cute little outfit! She made her shirts and tutus. She also made the tutu for her highchair and the banner that is later in this post.
Saturday was Kaitlyn's birthday party. She was a little overwhelmed at first, but never cried. She became very happy and we opened presents first. She liked the cards, paper, and tags on clothes quite a bit! :) We would open up a present and she would want to play with it or read the book she opened, but had so many presents, we had to move on or it would take all day!
Here is the awesome rocking horse Kaitlyn got from her Grammy, Poppy, and Aunt Erin.
Here is Kaitlyn's cousin, Haylee! :)

The cake!! She wasn't so sure about it at first. She started taking pieces and threw them on the floor for our dog, Jacey.

The awesome zebra rocking chair my mom and Tony got her....
Kaitlyn's boyfriend, Liam. She really likes being around Liam. He blew her kisses and she pointed at him and showed him around the kitchen.

The awesome cake! Becca made this cake and the cupcakes and it was all beautiful! She worked so hard on making this cake. It all tasted delicious too!
I made the little cupcake toppers and decorations.
Kaitlyn's happy with all her toys and other gifts!

And below is a short video that we didn't know was on the video mode. Its only 3 seconds, but its cute! Hope you had a great 1st birthday baby girl! Looking forward to many more birthday parties to celebrate you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And she's off...

Kaitlyn took her first steps on May 10th at 10 1/2 months old. Now she can walk all the way across a room. Its so crazy that my baby is walking!

She's learned so much in the past few weeks since I have been home with her. She is understanding words that I say and she'll point to things when I say them.
Her vocabulary has really expanded as well. Her new word is "hi" in a high pitched voice because that is how I have been saying it to her. She likes to say "whoa" "uh-oh" "duck" "baby" "dog" "no" "light" "momma"--but she only says momma with her tongue hanging out. ha!
and just about any other words that we've said, she's repeated.
she knows a little bit of sign language "more" and "all done".
and she loves to punish our dog, Jacey. She'll point to her and babble in a deep voice after she sees me getting onto her.
Some of her newest things are pointing and laughing outloud when other people laugh. She has this cute loud laugh that almost sounds like a cry. Sunday at church her ball rolled up close to the preacher and when he noticed it, he said something about it and everyone laughed. Kaitlyn thought it was the funniest thing that he was laughing and laughed a few times outloud. :)

Another of her favorite things to do is scrunch up her nose and make a mean face. Her daddy LOVES to egg that on as you can see below. they look just alike when doing it!

Busy reading a book by herself... She'll point to pages and just babble to herself.
And below is me and Kaitlyn on my first Mother's Day!

We have had so much fun this summer! I'll have more to update about all our summer adventures in the next couple of weeks. Kaitlyn's 1 year birthday is coming up at the end of June! Wow--can't believe she's almost ONE!