Sunday, February 28, 2010

All about Miss Kaitlyn

Look at those big blue eyes!

This picture above is her looking like her daddy! haha. Just chilling!

Kaitlyn is 8 months old! Since I hadn’t updated in awhile I thought I would write a post about what all Kaitlyn is doing now and some of her favorite things…this could get long.

Kaitlyn started crawling (a little over a week ago) and now she is all over the place! It’s funny because she discovered the door stopper in her bedroom pretty quick when her foot accidently kicked it and it made a noise and shook. Now she likes to crawl straight to door stoppers! We are gonna have to take those off as part of baby proofing our house! She also loves anything she is not supposed to have. Dog bones, cell phones, purse, paper, etc. She goes straight after those things!

Here is a short video of her crawling:

She is also able to lay on her stomach and pull herself up to sitting position.

Oh and everyday when I pick her up at her home daycare, as soon as she hears me walk in and say “Kaitlyn” she turns my way and smiles and reaches for me! I love it!

She LOVES it when her daddy says “Daddadadadadada” he never fails in making her smile! She loves when he comes home everyday too. She likes going on walks and going outside. Here we are about to take a walk and she's wearing her new windbreaker. She almost fell asleep when we went walking!

She loves when someone is wearing zippers, buttons, hats, or anything she can pull on.

She likes to put her toes in her mouth when we are changing her diaper. This is hilarious. Wish I had a picture of that.

She loves our dog Jacey and is so good with her.

She also loves splashing in the bathtub—she really can’t sit still in the tub. It’s like a big party in there. She tries to pull herself up from the side of her bathtub and will constantly reach for things or splash.

She loves sticking anything in her mouth and really loves jumping in her exercauser or jumping anywhere even in your lap!

The picture above she is trying to figure out her sippy cup. She still doesn't really understand that you tilt it up and juice comes out. We are working on that.

Her favorite food is sweet potatoes and squash, she does not like homemade avocado! Ha…she gave me the funniest face when she tried avocado!

Her favorite shows are Wonder Pets and Dora the Explorer (although Bill says she LOVES watching football!)

Kaitlyn LOVES books. Of course, her mom is a Kindergarten teacher! Her favorite books are Goodnight Moon/Brown Bear and any touch and feel books.

She loves it when we sing--This Little Light of Mine and Jesus Loves Me . She loves music and loves hearing others sing during church.

Some of the sounds that Kaitlyn makes—Mmmmm when tired, Mommamommamomma when upset, Guh guh (for good girl when she sees our dog, Jacey), and she is exploring more sounds—Ahhhhh, grrrrrrr (this is a VERY deep sound that sounds like a dog growling), dadadadada

She went through a phase about a month ago where she stuck out her tongue quite a bit. It was funny.

Here is a pic....

Now she is all about blowing bubbles and spitting. We egg her on which is probably not a good thing because she’ll probably do it in the middle of church sometime.

She never has liked taking naps, but is cranky all day if she doesn’t nap well. She also wakes up more at night when she doesn’t nap. Lately she’s been sleeping so good at night it’s around 10 ½ - 11 hours straight. Sometimes she’ll wake up after 9 or 10 hours, eat and go right back to sleep for a couple more hours. She’s (almost) always slept pretty good at night though. At 2 weeks old she slept 5 hours straight with no problem and that was with me waking her up. Thank goodness she is a good sleeper but she sure keeps us busy every evening while she’s awake.

She LOVES her burp cloths and likes to hold on to them all day like a little blankie. After feeding her solids, we hand her the burp cloth and she can wipe her own mouth. She likes to be clean! (That’s my girl! ) oh and one of her new things—she shakes her head no when she is done eating. She will also shake her head no when she is tired or just being silly. Not really sure if she understands the concept of no, but she sure shakes her head like she is answering you. Ha. We need to get a good video of her doing it.

Oh and she likes it when Bill whistles at her. She looks like she gets embarrassed, grins, and blushes. It’s so cute!! She also likes playing “peek a boo!”

She still doesn’t have a tooth. I thought at 6 months old she was teething because I could see those pearly whites up in her gums, but nope doctor said not yet. She drooled very heavily from 3 months to 5 months and had to wear a bib constantly. I still don’t feel any bumps up there yet. I know my teeth came in later and Bill isn’t sure when his first came in, but I read in a book that babies usually take after when their parents teeth came in.

And if you haven't noticed from the pictures, my child has red hair! It’s more a strawberry blonde. I love it! Everywhere we go someone says how pretty her hair is. I have been quite surprised how red it's become. Bill did have a little bit of red when he was little…so it may change to blonde like his did. Her hair is finally getting long enough to put the little bow clips in. They don’t stay in long though since she moves so much!

I am hoping Kaitlyn has a really good immune system now and by the time she starts school and won’t be sick very much because she’s had it really really rough this winter. It went from her very first cold to croup to bronchiolitis, to 3 more times in Pediatrician office before finally getting a breathing machine, and this past week had the stomach flu for nearly a week. Poor girl.

Well that ended up getting super long! I sure love my baby girl and can’t imagine what it would be like without her. I am sure I could go on and on writing about her. She brings so much joy to our lives. She puts a smile on our faces everyday. It’s so neat to see how much this little sweet person already has such an adorable little personality. We love her so much and are so blessed.