Monday, August 31, 2015

So I really want to change the pic on the top of this page to a new updated one.  I can't figure it out!!  I need a crash course on blogging!

Well.....this little doll turned TWO earlier this month!  I wanted to write a little bit about my Emily Sue at the age of 2!

*  She's starting to ask a lot of questions..."Where are we going?"  I hear this everywhere we go.  I give her the answer and 2 minutes later she asks again.  Over and over.
Other questions she asks...."Where's "Kiki" (what she calls Kaitlyn, her sissy)  "Where's Dadda", "Where did my pa-pa (paci) go?"  Also "What are you doing??" is what she says as soon as she walks in a room and finds me.

*When she wakes in the morning, I hear the sweetest voice..."Ohhhh Moooommyyyyy!!!!

*She does the cutest of them is she bends down and pats her legs (as if you would call for a dog to come...) and she calls for people.  Like she pats her legs and says, "Come here momma!"

*She has a crazy cute obsession with the MOON!  "Moon out??"  Moon and stars we always have to draw on paper or with chalk.  If the moon is out, she HAS to go see it.  And she really really really wants to HUG it!  My mission is to make a stuffed animal or buy one with a big soft moon so she can actually HOLD and HUG the moon!  If she's cranky or sad or hurt, seeing the MOON ALWAYS makes it all better!

*Emily LOVES LOVES LOVES to read books.  Of all her toys, she would rather grab a book and have someone read to her or "READ" herself.  She will make up words and find things in the pictures she knows and says them.  It's so fun to watch her.

*She can count to 11 and say her ABCs...she can also name animals and say their sounds.  She can recognize the letter E (for Emily) M (for momma) D (for Dadda) and K (for Kaitlyn)  Sometimes she can say A (for Apple)  We are working on colors and shapes.

*Emily is very sensitive to sound.  She didn't like the vaccuum for a long time.  She doesn't like being in crowds and clings tight to momma.  She doesn't like very many guys and is more comfortable with a soft voice.

*She loves to eat Peas.  Even frozen peas.  She also loves anything chocolate.  She loves to eat ICE pieces.  She lovest to eat fruit snacks, yogurt, macaroni, french fries, fish sticks, eggs, rice, broccoli soup, strawberries and other fruit.  Oh and a sucker will totally help her when we are trying to get through grocery shopping.  Well most snacks will help keep her distracted/busy.

*Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out what she's trying to say.  If we do figure it out, she smiles so big and starts to laugh, sometimes she will clap for us.  Aww she has such an adorable big smile and you can see her scrunch her nose and show her teeth.  It's precious.

*Lately when talking to her, she says, "hmm" alot.  I think she knows what we are saying, she just wants us to keep repeating ourselves.  She will say Hm? a whole lot if you let her.

*She knows what she wants and she will tell you a definite NO or YES!  She can say the whole sentence, "I don't want that momma." She also says, "Uh-huh!"

*Favorite phrase she says quite a bit is "Hold you mommy!"

*when getting settled on the couch to read a book, she will sometimes say with a sigh, "ALRIGHTY"

*She loves our dog and is a little too rough on her with pulling her ears.  She runs around the back yard with her and just laughs and laughs.  Molly luckily is a very easy going dog and will put up with a lot!  Emily will say, "Ohhhhh Moweeee, come here!"

*She copies Kaitlyn a lot!  She will repeat anything she says or does.

*She's been trying to jump lately.  She wants to so bad.  She enjoys going out and jumping on our small trampoline.

"Emily loves many different shows..we really don't watch TV but once or twice a day...her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Elmo, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and Peppa Pig.  She LOVES the movie Frozen and can sit through nearly the whole thing.

*Emily loves to sing.  She can pick up on a song (especially) from church very quickly and will sing it all day long.  She loves "Let it Go" and "Do you Wanna Build a Snowman"  She also likes "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift.  :)

This lil sweetie is a joy to be around and we love her soooo much!  I am so glad I finally sat down and recorded all that I can think of for my 2 year old before she gets any bigger!