Thursday, March 26, 2009

more pregnancy stuff..

I'll make up for not posting much lately..

Spring Break was great! I was able to get a lot done and get lots of rest!! I wanted to sleep in as much as I possibly could because soon I won't get to do that! We rearranged the baby furniture and it looks really good. I wanted to get all the decorating done during spring break, but I didn't get to that. We did get to register at Babies R Us and Target! We also took a birthing class last Saturday...which made for a really long day, but I am glad we did it. They made all the daddies-to-be give a good massage to the mommies-to-be. I liked that part! :) We watched a few videos that really made me teary eyed when hearing all about labor and birth. I am definitely planning to get an epidural.
My sciatic nerve has been REALLY hurtin' bad this week. It hurts to sit down because it's right there in the middle. My doctor told me some exercises to do to help it, but it really doesn't help a whole lot. I am hoping my husband will start giving me massages every night to help that pain...hint, hint!! I have always heard about the pains and how uncomfortable you get when pregnant--but man, there are so many places that hurt and feel so "not normal" all the time! My doctor said since I am so short, there is not as much room in there and I'll feel a lot of pain in my ribs (which I have) and other places. she said usually all those pains I explained to her are after 30 I guess it just gets worse? or I guess I should just get used to it. I also had my first pregnancy leg cramp a couple days ago and dang those stink!
It's hard to find a position that is comfortable to sleep--especially with that sciatic nerve pain. Actually I haven't gotten much sleep at all lately. Sunday night was zero amount of sleep! I sleep on my left side and she kept kicking on that side...I almost felt like I was hurting her by laying on her--so I laid more on my sciatic nerve instead! Then she continued to kick all over all night. I know she is just preparing me for what's to come after she's born...she'll sleep during the day and be awake all night! A lot of kicking is always a good thing!

I just went to my doctor's appointment today. I'll be in my 3rd trimester next week so my doctor will need to see me more often. I had to have my Rhogam shot since I have RH negative blood. I had this shot after I had the miscarriage and I think I was just so numb then that I really couldn't feel it, because it hurts more than I remember. Maybe it hurt more now since the shot was close to my sciatic nerve?...
I had a million "is this normal" questions for my doctor... I always feel more relieved after I talk to her. I had her sign my consent form to get a 4-D ultrasound in two weeks at Miracle Within Ultrasound in Edmond--I was given a gift certificate from a friend to have that done. We are really excited about getting a 4-D ultrasound!
Dr. Doeden also measured me and said I measured at 30 and she said that is ahead of schedule....I should've asked, but if I measure at 30cm, does that mean I measure at 30 weeks? Anything ahead of schedule is great news! I would love to have her come a couple weeks earlier than my due date--not TOO early, but 2 weeks would be fine--as long as she is healthy and everything developed well. :) The earlier would mean the more time I have at home with her before school starts in August.
I'll have to post another picture soon.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pregnancy amnesia!!!!

It's been awhile since I have posted. I have a lot to write about, but just going to write about one thing today...

About three weeks ago, I took off work half of a day to go do my glucose test. If you don't know about this already, you do this b/w 24 and 28 weeks. They give you instructions on what to eat for breakfast--no sugar--I had bacon, eggs and toast. then I drank this special orange drink they gave me about an hour later. You have to down it all in 2 minutes. THEN you have to have your blood drawn exactly an hour later (but be there 45 min later). Everything was going well..I had the drink (thankfully it didn't make me sick, but it wasn't the best!) and I had a 40 minute drive to the hospital. WELL, on the way there, I saw this car with bars separating the front seat and back seat and thought it, ghetto. I got closer to look at it...when I decided to go around this car, I saw that lights magically appeared on the car and realized it was a police officer!!! (well, duh Amy!) I looked ahead to see who he was pulling over and there was no one in front of us... he pulled behind me and I had no idea why he was pulling me over. (right away I remembered that I got pulled over 2 weeks before for following someone too close and then I hadn't had my insurance card because I accidently threw it away a few days before.--luckily THAT police didn't ticket me, just a warning). I hadn't received my new insurance card in the mail since the last time I got pulled over and knew I didn't have my card this time either. Then I opened my wallet to get my driver's license and that was gone too!!! All I could think was CRAP...I need to have my blood draw in 5 minutes and I am going to get a ticket AND get thrown in jail and I'm PREGNANT!!! The police man came up to my window and asked for my "stuff" and I was hysterically crying flipping through my wallet. I told him that I ALWAYS have my driver's license, but I think I left it at my last doctor's appt..but at the same time I was trying to explain what happened to my insurance card...and try to explain that I had to be at the doctor for a timed test within the next few minutes. He had NO sympathy for me and looked at me like I was a crazy person. it was pitiful. I couldn't make sense talking. so, I ticket for "following too close". He thankfully didn't ticket me for the other things. After the ticket I had to drive to the hospital and realized I left my paperwork at home (AMNESIA AGAIN!). Time was TICKING! I had to go to a different office and take care of that and then finally checked the time and I was 12 minutes past the hour. LUCKILY they told me there was a 15 minute window. WHEW! I did NOT want to have to go through drinking that nasty stuff again!!! By the time I got back to the school, everyone seems to have already found out about the ticket and me not having my license and insurance card. I felt like an idiot.

This is not the only time while pregnant that I have had amnesia or have been extremely clumsy. The poor kids in my class have had to remind of where I put things and I have spilled my water nearly everyday. I keep thinking that I am not myself at all!! The childbirth instructor last Saturday told us that pregnancy amnesia is true because you actually are not getting enough oxygen to the brain. SO I can blame my craziness on that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

We got baby furniture!!!!!!


We got baby furniture!!!! :) Bill did a great job putting the crib together. The pictures really don't do justice, you'd have to see it all in person. The wall is a light green color and our trim is all black so it looks good with the furniture. I don't know for sure how we will arrange it all...but I definitely have a lot of work to do with decorating--which I am very excited about.
Since we've gotten this all together, I have gone in there a million times just to look at it and imagining our baby in there!! The room is connected on to our bedroom, so you can see it all from our bedroom when the doors are opened.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

24 weeks!

This one above was taken today...kinda a weird picture. It looks like half of my arm is missing!
This was taken on Valentine's Day--check out the flowers Bill got me!

I hadn't posted in a few weeks, so I thought it was about time. Today I am 24 weeks pregnant!! It's exciting to be this far along--especially to know that there have been babies born at 24 weeks and actually survived. NOT that I want her to come this early AT ALL--she still has a lot of growing to do!! It's just neat to know. I took off work for half of the day tomorrow to go take the glucose test. I am really dreading it...I hope the drink doesn't taste bad or make me sick. I just wanna get it over with and pass!
Last week Bill and I went with his mom and sister to buy baby furniture!! Bill's grandmother left some money when she passed and his mom decided to use some of the money for us to get all new baby furniture as a gift from his grandmother. We will get to pick it up this weekend!! It's all black so it will match the black trim throughout our house. We got a 4-1 crib, so she will get a lot of use out of it. I will post pictures of it when we set it up. And I ordered bedding too that came in a few days ago. It's called Ladybug Lullabye and it's on the Babies R Us website if you wanna see it.
Today I had three different people at work give me baby gifts. 2 were parents of Kindergarteners. One gave me a VERY soft and pretty baby blanket...and the other gave me a bunch of really cute outfits! Then a very sweet 5th grade teacher gave me our first package of newborn diapers, Christmas bib and booties, and a cute onesie! It's so fun getting baby stuff!!!

Speaking of baby stuff...I need help! Next weekend, Bill and I are going to start registering. We are going to register at Babies R Us and Target. I am making a list of things that we need to register for. If you are a mom and have any recommendations, please leave a comment for me. I know everyone may have a different opinion on what works and what doesn't, but I still want your advice. Or if there is anything that you wish you would've gotten or certain brands that you love.... please let me know.