Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The dance queen...and other fun things about Kaitlyn

I LOVE 15 months! Every month I keep saying its my favorite month, but she is sooo much fun right now! Here are some of the fun things she does/says...

-She's VERY shy in public. She is super active and full of personality at home, but someone else comes around and she hides behind my legs and squeezes on! At church she holds on tight. Its nice because she is keeping from getting germs from everyone who wants to touch her..ha. But then no one in public believes me how much she knows and can do because she just stares at them.

-she knows over 100 words! yes, I wrote them down. haha. I can teach her to say ANYTHING after saying it a few times...but the 100 words are the ones she says on a regular basis. its AMAZING to watch her learn things and understand what we say and do. I can say "do you wanna go play in your room?" and she will take off running to her play room. or "do you wanna go play outside?" and she runs to the back door. or "are you hungry?" she says "EAT EAT EAT!!" She can tell me all the sounds that animals makes and point out and say all animals in books. its funny to hear her say "moo" when we ask her what a cow says. Its kinda an angry "moooo" sound. And instead of "woof" for a dog, she pants like a dog. she also likes to tell us where our ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, belly button and toes are.

-when she walks in a room and sees you, she says "HI" really loud. its precious.

-instead of saying "no" she says "uh-uh" and shakes her head.

-she got her first pair of "BIG GIRL" shoes. they have Dora on them and they light up as she steps. she loves them!

-she's starting to say "mommy" and "daddy" instead of momma, dadda. its really cute! i don't know where she learned it. it kinda sounds a little british "mommeee" "dattee"

-when you ask her to play peek-a-boo, she quickly covers her eyes for a long time and then uncovers them and laughs.

-she's VERY girly and loves jewelry. everything in the shape of a circle can be turned into a bracelet and she will walk around with her hand in the air to keep it on. she loves to go through my jewelry box.

-she also loves watching me put on make-up. I let her play with my blush brush sometimes and she will put it on her cheeks and then on mine.

-she still loves flowers and will pick them all in our backyard.

-also very girly--she will point at a bug that is outside, on tv, or in a book and say "EWWWWWW!!!". the other day she found a dead beetle in our house and picked it up and carried it to me and said "EEEWWW!!!"

-she loves Dora the Explorer and will say "D-D-D-D-Dora!" when she sees her Dora doll. If you have watched the show, you will know that in the song it says "D-D-D-D-Dora!"

-we can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and she will light up and put her hands in the air and dance and turn in circle saying "up above the....lalalalalalala....like a diama...lalalalala..then louder "UP ABOVE THE....LALALALAL"

-Everything can be turned into a phone for her--the remote, her plastic food, shoes, dog bone...ha! She has play phones too. she picked it up the other day and said "hello? uh-huh...uh-uh....bye-bye" it was too cute!

-she loves books...still. :) in the book "Goodnight Moon" she points out the fire on each page and says "HOT!" and pulls away and then blows on it.

-she kisses all things that she likes...her baby dolls, pictures in books, Jacey, other pictures. she will go back in forth kissing me and Bill if she's in a good mood.

-she helps me with putting away clean silverware (except the knives) she likes to hand me the silverware and she says "TANK YOU!" WElll...the other day...she pulled out a cookie sheet from the dishwasher, she walked over to the oven and pulled out the drawer underneath (where cookie sheets belong in our house) and put it in and shut the drawer. It was hilarious! I didn't show her what to do or anything...she just was on her own mission! ha. she must be watching me. then she went back and decided she could play with the cookie sheets and carried them all over the house.

-I can ask her if I can change her diaper and she will lay down the middle of the living room and kick her legs up. ha! I wonder if she does that at the home day care. I have seen 2 year olds there that have done that before. she must be watching them.