Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ready for a long post??

almost 21 weeks

So this week at work everyone is telling me I got big overnight. People definitely notice that I am pregnant now! I am carrying very high--I feel like my belly button is looking at me-ha. Kinda funny this morning the whole school watched the 2nd grade perform their music program and as I walking in a student I had last year said "Hi Mrs. Bryan...." then looked at my stomach and said, "WHOA!!!" some parents heard him and were cracking up. Another former student of mine got in an argument with other kids in her class because they told her I was preganant and she said, "don't say that about Mrs. Bryan, she is NOT pregnant, she would tell me if she was..." She was really upset about it. Her teacher thought it was funny that she thought they were saying something bad about me and she tried to defend me.

I have been wondering all along if I have been feeling her kick and now I know for sure!! Last week it was amazing, I was laying in bed watching tv after I ate and felt a kick! I looked down and SAW another kick!! So cool, I bawled. :) I told Bill and have been wanting him to feel her move...so yesterday, he saw a kick when watching my belly and then today he got to feel a kick!! It was so neat to share that experience with him! She's kicking like crazy now!! Especially after I ate spicy food on Saturday night.
oh and we decided on a name!! Her name is Kaitlyn Grace! I have always loved the name Kaitlyn and was surprised that Bill like the name so much too. Grace is the name of Bill's grandma who passed away when his dad was young. So it is a very special name to his side of the family.
My friend and one of my roommates from college gave me an awesome gift--it's a Christian children's CD with her name personalized in all of the songs. I love it!! Kaitlyn loves it too!!

Today was a crazy afternoon for my school...
I had recess duty from 2-2:30...while outside, the tornado sirens go off. I had to gather all 80 kids as fast as possible (and I forgot my whistle!!). The other two K teachers ran out as the kids were running to the building and we got them inside. While going in, many older kids were in the hallway getting in position so I hoped my class stayed with me. By the time we get to our hallways, I realized we have not practiced a tornado drill all year, so we had to get the Kindergarteners in duck and cover in the hallway. I counted them and they were all there, but about 3 or 4 were crying scared to death. I calmed them down and got them in position. whew, what an adrenaline rush!! They weren't allowed to leave unless parents checked them out, then our principal told us it was fine. That was all so unexpected today!! I am exhausted now!!