Monday, December 28, 2009

Kaitlyn laughing...

Kaitlyn turned 6 months old on Christmas Eve and that was when we got this video. She's been laughing for us but not many have seen her laugh out loud so we were excited to get her on video. She's doing it more and more each day. She also started eating her baby veggies about a week ago. She seemed to like eating them at first but now we are having a hard time with both veggies and cereal. I think I am putting way too much in her bottle and she is too full to eat solids. I gotta figure out the best way to do that. Or maybe she's too tired when we feed her the solids? I am so glad to be at home these two weeks to try the different foods with her. She is ALSO sitting up by herself. This past month has been a BIG month--So many firsts! from first Christmas, first snow, first veggies, first time sitting up (without support), and first time getting sick :( (not fun). She's also realizing that rolling several times will get her somewhere. I can lay her on a blanket and next thing you know she's halfway across our living room!! She is a very happy baby. :) I am going to have a hard time going back to school next week after spending so much time with her.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We are SO excited for Kaitlyn's first Christmas!! Of course she really won't know what is going on and will probably only care about the wrapping paper when opening gifts...but we are excited to celebrate with her. On Christmas Eve Kaitlyn will be 6 months old. I can't believe she's already half of a year! She's so much fun! She's a very happy baby and has been laughing out loud quite a bit now. She recently had a cold that turned into croup, so its been really hard to see her not feeling good. She hasn't slept very well at night the last 3 nights and has had a hard time breathing, so we are hoping that tonight she'll finally be able to get her sleep. She's on the road to recovery now and is already feeling better.
It's FINALLY my Christmas break!! I have been looking forward to now ALL semester. I get to be at home for 2 weeks with my baby girl!! I know it will fly by though. Here are a few pictures that were taken this last week at our house.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Here it is Thanksgiving day!! It was a wonderful day. I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving Break since school started in August. I have been looking forward to spending time off from work with my baby girl. My oh my has she grown over the past 5 months. Here is a picture I took of Kaitlyn yesterday...

She is such a sweet and happy baby! Right now at 5 months old she weighs 16 lbs. She laughs and loves to play!! She also REACHES for everything!!
So mommyhood--what have I learned?? I learned that as soon as my baby was in my arms after she was born...all nerves went away and I knew exactly what to do as a new mommy. I learned that you will analyze EVERYTHING--how much your baby poops, what color their poop is, how much they've pooped, how much they've spit up, if other people are holding her right, if others are holding her bottle right, is she looking pale, is she losing weight, does she have a temp, ....and the list goes on!! ha. You know I always have heard how quickly time flies and how quickly babies/kids grow...but until you have one of your own do you really understand how each day your child grows SOOOoooo much!! I have learned how much I DREAD shots for her and how I would do anything to take that pain away for her.
I have also learned how much I DREAD cutting her fingernails and how quickly they grow!! I got her skin one time and she bled and it was AWFUL hearing her scream and cry knowing I did that! I have also learned that babies being sick and having a cold is NOT fun at ALL!! :( Kaitlyn has not run a fever yet...but has had her first cold for almost a week now. She's had a tough time sleeping at night and breathing through her nose. She just doesn't know what to do about it. It's so hard to see your baby get so frustrated in the middle of the night. I have learned I would do anything to make her happy!! I have also learned many different ways to get her to burp! ha. and how important it is to make sure she burps or she will not be a happy baby. I have learned to not judge other mommies! I have learned that even when your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night--you suddenly are not tired anymore and will kick into parent mode. I have become more interested in making Kaitlyn look pretty than myself! ha. I shop more for her clothes than my own. I have learned that advice people give may not work for your baby and you gotta find what works for you. I have learned that my husband is an amazing father and loves our baby girl so much. I have learned that I am very picky with who holds my baby and always make sure they have washed their hands especially now that Kaitlyn has experienced a cold ! ha.
OKAY...I could go on and on...but now I want to share some pics/videos...

Here is Kaitlyn so tired after visiting lots of family members. today...

this video was when Kaitlyn was 3 weeks old. Bill was at work and I was using my camera. I loved when she woke up because she stretched and made this cute noise. What was I thinking waking up a sleeping baby?? (another thing I learned--don't wake a sleeping baby!!) ha.

This was when Kaitlyn was 7 weeks old....It looks like Bill is shaking her around, but I promise the camera just made it look that way. ha. I was cracking up while doing this video because she was just so content and just let him do whatever he wanted with her. :)

Wow--she has changed SO much since these videos!!
I have several more videos of Kaitlyn in the bathtub and her first time eating infant rice cereal but it takes a long time to get these videos to maybe later. I need to get a video of her laughing and squealing. When Kaitlyn was 4 months and 1 week old..we tried feeding her infant cereal with a spoon since her doctor recommended it. It didn't go as well as we hoped. It took a week of TRYING to feed her before she swallowed any. For that entire week each time we tried to feed her she cried and turned the other way and we made just a mess all over her! Then one day Bill made her laugh and put the spoon with cereal on it in her mouth and she ate some and realized she actually liked it! ha. Then for the next few days after that she would cry when it wasn't in her mouth and we couldn't get it in quick enough! Now when eating she sticks her tongue out really far for each bite. I can't help but laugh because she's just so darn cute!

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This post is for NOELLE and anyone else who wanted me to post!

I've been told I need to post, so here it is Noelle! :) I am terrible about posting. i need someone to remind me every once in awhile. Above is one of our favorite pics of Kaitlyn. Bill took it on her 2 month birthday! She is growing so fast! We look back at pictures from right after she was born and she already looks so different. She has gotten good and chubby! I love it! She'll be 11 weeks old on Wednesday. Still don't know what her eye color will be. One day they look blue, then brown, then green, or gray. She sure smiles a lot now. Today was a fussy and tired day. MAybe a growth spurt? She's also drooling like crazy!! Her shirt was soaking wet yesterday. Is it possible that she could be pre-teething? Her hands are constantly in her mouth too and drool is all over them.
Below is our attempt to get a family picture with EVERYONE! :) didn't work out so well. ha.
This is Kaitlyn carrying on a great conversation with her daddy!
And here is her smiling at her momma! We tried out the bumbo seat and she loved it! I didn't really think she would be big enough for it, but she did fine in it. She sure likes sitting up and looking around.
This is us weighing her at 2 months old on our home scale.
Beautiful girl!
Here is me and my girl! This was after I became a blonde again.
I love this pic too. Pretty girl. Bill does a good job taking pictures too.