Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay, here is the baby room! I was very excited to get the mobile and lamp that matches the bedding! There are still a few things that I need to put up...and there is a small wall btw our bedroom door and the entrance that you can't see. Some of the other decor or things we got that didn't not fit in the room, we have in her other bedroom. I haven't finished that room yet, it may be awhile. I have a lot of ideas though. This room that is her nursery is a small room attached to our bedroom. Its perfect for a nursery and later the office room.
Here are the letters I have been working on. My friend Jeri helped find the font and we printed them off and her husband bought the wood, cut them out, and sanded them down. Then I painted them pink and used mod podge and craft paper for the front. I got some polka dotted ribbon and used that to hang them from. You'll see a close up of the letters on the bottom picture.
You can see the changing table and shelves on the wall. I need switch up some other things to put on the shelves. I have an adorable decorative plate I will put on the shelves, I just am trying to figure out how to get it up there without it falling. I have to paint the little rocking chair that is on it now. And I am working on making a little stuffed rabbit that someday I will finish for the shelves.
Here are the letters and below is a closeup. I always saw baby rooms with their name on wood letters and am so glad I ended up doing it! I was always so tired I never thought I would finish.

Friday, May 29, 2009

When do you think Kaitlyn will be born???

I was getting on here to finally post pictures of the nursery...but Bill hasn't put them on the computer yet and I don't know how I will post about my doctor's appt today....

Today I was checked and dilated to a 2. The doctor felt on my belly and thinks Kaitlyn is around 6 lbs already. The baby's head has dropped (she told me this last week actually) and is engaged. I asked what station that meant (I've been reading stuff online) she said about a -1. I guess a 0 would mean the baby is ready to come out. She said effacement was at a 30% which means my cervix is thinning out. So she compared this to another lady that is due in about a week...she said that that lady's baby has not dropped and become engaged yet...which means she will either go past her due date or will need a C-section. I asked her if she had an estimate of when I will give birth and she said probably a week or so before my due date. She doesn't think she will be late at all. good news for me! Which all along for some reason I have had a feeling she may come a little early before due date-maybe because the doc told me at 14 weeks that she felt like a big baby. I had the same feeling early on that she was going to be a girl. BUT she said not to keep that as a promise...she very well may not come until her due date. But she also said she could come in the next week. so its a good thing we put the car seat in last night and my bags are packed. The only things that I would like to accomplish is finishing out thank you cards, me and Bill need to finish with our office room and organize it, buy a recliner or glider, go to Bill's work shower they are throwing for us next Thursday, and take our breastfeeding class this Tuesday night. If none of that happens before she is born, that is okay too. :)
So knowing all this...what is your guess on when Kaitlyn will be born?? Her due date is June 25th.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm finally posting shower #2 and #3....

This is my church shower, it was on May 3rd. We got a lot of really great stuff!! Above is all of the hostesses with me and Bill.
And here is me and Bill...yes, I got all emotional. That's happened a lot lately. But I had to post this picture because of the look on Bill's face!! ha.

All of the presents packed in the back of my SUV!!

AND.....this is my work shower.... it was on April 30th (almost a month ago...)
I am sitting in my principal's chair. He let me borrow it for the last month of school since my back was killing me. Isn't that nice?!
Me and Jeri!
Me and the wonderful hostesses, Tamara and Becca!

So this little cutie is going to be Kaitlyn's boyfriend! They will get to see each other and play with each other everyday!
These cake balls and ice cream were soooooo good!!!!

My mom came with me! Bill couldn't make it since it was while he was at work.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pregnancy update and baby raccoons!

Above is the latest belly picture we have taken. This was taken a week ago today when I was 34 weeks and 2 days. Yesterday I went for my 35 week appt and I will go see the doctor every week now. This was the appt where they check for strept B. That wasn't fun. I won't know the results for another week, so hopefully that will turn out okay. The doctor checked me and I found out the baby has dropped! Her head is down and she is engaged. So she is in the right position! No wonder I am going to the bathroom every 20 minutes! (sorry, TMI!) I also found out that is why I am having trouble walking and am having other pain--her head is in my pelvis! I am not dilated yet though which is okay. I know that really doesn't matter because it affects everyone differently. I won't be getting any more ultrasounds. A lot of people have told me that it looks like I am going to pop anyday now...I think she is going to wait a few more weeks. She still has some weight to gain. She is kicking really high at my ribs and I can feel her really low also. I am short so she is all over the place in there! ha. I don't know how much she weighs now, but according to my pregnancy books and weekly emails, she should be around 5 1/2 lbs now and should gain a half pound each week. Maybe next doctor's appt the doctor could tell me how much she weighs.
School is out, so now so I can finish everything I wanted to do before Kaitlyn comes. After saying goodbye to people at work, it hit me yesterday how close it is until she comes!! Some people said next time they see me I would be a mommy...I bawled when I got in my car! It was a good pregnancy/excited cry. All year I knew I just had to get through this school year and then she will come soon after that! It was a tough school year, so it never seemed like it would end. I am glad that I can get some rest before she comes because I know I won't get much when she is here. Although me and Bill got up at 7:30 this morning when we could have slept in! ha. No sleeping position is comfortable and I get up a million times to go to the bathroom. Oh well anything is rest when you are used to being on feet all day talking, explaining, disciplining, yelling, bending, walking, and teaching 24 five and six year olds all day!
And now, baby raccoons!! My brother, Matt loves animals! He rescued these baby raccoons from a friend's attic. They would have died in the wild if he wasn't nursing them. He knows everything about them and is so good at taking care of them. I could not believe I held a baby raccoon (at almost 9 months pregnant!) He will probably be giving them to an animal rescue as they get bigger and knows they will be okay.
Here is one of them sucking on my mom's finger.
My niece Haylee is such a little country girl! she picked them up like they were kittens! She loved holding them.

Here is Matt feeding one with a bottle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My sweet dog, Jacey!

I thought I would make a post for my dog, Jacey!! She has been our baby the last 4 years...and she still will be...just not the only baby anymore. She is so interested in all these new baby things and wants the toys and stuffed animals to herself!
I think she has an "instinct" about the baby. She knows something is different about me.
She leans up against my belly a lot!! She's been very clingy lately.

Here she is trying to lay on me! I have to push her off of me a lot because she tries to take the place of that big bump on my belly!! ha.
And here she is with Bill!! Aren't they both adorable?!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Baby Shower!!

I am finally posting pics from my showers. Actually, I am just going to post pics from my first shower and will have to post the other two we've had since later. There were SO many pictures, I had a hard time choosing which ones to post from this shower!! This was a family and close friends shower that my wonderful sister-in-law, Erin, threw for us. She did an awesome job! I wasn't able to put everything from this shower on here or I would have over 100 pictures! I also don't have many pictures on here from who was there. There were between 15-20 people there and it was a lot of fun! I am now 34 weeks pregnant and I was 30 weeks during this shower, so I have grown a lot since then!
Me and my beautiful niece, Haylee!
Playing pin the baby on the baby! Erin blew up a picture of me standing to my side and everyone had to take a baby "Bill" and see who can get the closest to baby Kaitlyn. It was really funny! Erin used a picture of Bill's face (he looked almost like he was crying!) and put it in a baby body. I didn't post pics of it since it's so small, but I will be putting it in a scrapbook if you ever wanna see!
All the gifts!!!!!!

I didn't get a pic of all the gifts opened, but we got a lot of really great stuff!!
The food was amazing!!!!!
Jen did an awesome painting for the nursery!
Me and the lovely hostess!

Check out the diaper cake!

Yes, that's me "tasting" a diaper! yum! We played a game and each diaper had a different kind of chocolate candybar smeared inside. We had to guess the candybar. pretty funny!