Monday, November 29, 2010

big girl!

It wasn't easy going back to work today after 5 days straight with Kaitlyn. It was nice to have Bill home for 5 days straight too. Friday, Bill shopped a bit, and then we put up our Christmas tree, and took Kaitlyn to see the lights in MWC. Kaitlyn LOVED them. I think they wore her out though because before we were all the way through it, Kaitlyn said "All done." ha. It was pretty crowded and we had to go about 2 mph, so she was ready to go.
She is cracking us up with some of the things she says/does. She knows how to say "bless you" when someone sneezes and she waits for you to say thank you and if you don't, she finally says "thank you". Then if she sneezes and we say "bless you" she says thank you. She's got some good manners! :) She says "I love you" a lot. And when we go places she always says "bye bye Jacey!" (our dog) except it always sounds more like a question "bye bye Jacey?" She also likes to wonder to her play room by herself and sit in her chair and just read books to herself. We will peak around the corner of the door at her and she will just be talking to herself..."cat...meow! monkey...oooh oooh, fish, look lion roar!" very miss independent! too independent at times! She doesn't like to hold our hands. :( she loves shoes too! she likes to put them on all BY HERSELF! and she can do it too! but she likes to put them on without socks. She loves our Christmas tree and is doing really well not touching it...thank goodness! every now and then she will say "touch..." and start to sneak over there. the other day Bill said "hot!" and she ran from it.
here are some pics and a video that will hopefully work: