Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kaitlyn 7 weeks

I have been terrible about posting since Kaitlyn has been born. I am writing this with one hand and Kaitlyn is asleep laying on me! She is now 7 1/2 weeks old. wow does time fly!! everything went well when she was born...healing for me was much harder than I expected--actually I am still not 100% better. Kaitlyn is doing great and gaining lots of weight--she is getting good and chubby! She is such a sweet baby. She is smiling a lot--we are just waiting for those first giggles! sometimes she will smile and "coo" so much you think a giggle will come out! Last week her aunt Erin said "hi" to her and we could've sworn she said "hi" right back from the sound she made!! we have a genius 7 week old! haha.
I had to start back to work this past week. It came WAY too soon. I cried the first day of school....and then I got to school and had parents cry as they dropped off their "babies"with me in Kindergarten. It is SO hard to leave my baby girl all day! But it sure is nice coming home. She had been sleeping so good at night UNTIL the first night of my first day of school. she's decided to get my attention at night since I've been gone during the day!
here are some pictures of her over the past few weeks...