Saturday, April 11, 2009

4-D Ultrasound...

Thursday was an exciting day! I was given a gift certificate from a parent of a boy I had in my class a few years ago to go to Miracle Within Ultrasound and get a 4-D ultrasound. It was so neat to see what our baby already looks like! I think she looks adorable...I may be biased though. :) We were able to watch her smiling and her eyes open at one point and she yawned and moved her mouth a bit. I was speechless and had a tear roll down my face. We have a 30 minute DVD from the session, but Bill was only able to put 10 minutes of it on his blog if you want to watch it. It kinda looks like she is saying "I love you" in sign language on that top picture--see it's NOT the texas sign. :) We had it confirmed that she is STILL a girl. And if you were wondering why it looks like she is wearing a necklace on that top picture, it's actually the umbilical cord and the ultrasound tech said to not worry about it being around her neck since it's loosely around it. It was really funny because nearly the entire time her legs were crossed and way up by her head almost kicking her forehead. The ultrasound tech had to shake my stomach a bit and slap it to get her to stretch out for a better picture. She would stretch out and then go right back to that position. No wonder I've been feeling her kick so much!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

28 weeks (or 7 months)

No, I promise that's not a basketball in there!

I am now in the third trimester!!!!! This picture was taken yesterday at the end of a long school day, so I don't look my best. I thought it would be funny to put on a shirt that I would wear often around the house before I was pregnant. It's a size small. It was pretty difficult to stretch it over my belly for the picture. I usually am wearing Bill's shirts around the house now.
I feel like I am huge. She is such an active baby, I told Bill we need to video tape her rolling around and kicking so I can post it on here. I get a "kick" out of her kicking. haha. :)