Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Girl!!

I am a little behind on my blog posts...I am finally getting to Kaitlyn's birthday pictures from last month. This first picture is Kaitlyn on her actual birthday.
Kaitlyn's birthday part was a couple days after we got back from vacation, so I wanted to do something somewhere else beside my house. We had gone to the Orr Family Farm a few months ago, and Kaitlyn LOVED it there. I was worried with an outdoor party either that it would rain or that it was be TOO Hot. Well, it WAS a very very hot day...but I think it still worked out. First the kids got to do pony rides....some cried when they had to get off, because it was so fun!! They didn't realize there was much more to come!

Next up was the animal barn. Pigs, goats, rabbits, lots of fun animals that the kids got to pet and feed. Then the guide took us to a little room with bleachers where a little farmer pig sang happy birthday and Kaitlyn got a cute shirt from the farm.
Next up, CHOO CHOO!! We all rode the train around the farm. It was nice because after getting all sweaty, that was a bit more cooling. Below is a pic of Kaitlyn with her cousin Haylee and their Nina/Nini! :)
Afterward, Kaitlyn got to toot the horn! Here are the cupcakes I made for the party. They are supposed to be Minnie Mouse cupcakes. They turned out pretty good after I made them, but by party time, the oreos got a little soggy. Oh well...they seemed to enjoy them. It was too windy to blow out a candle so we pretended. :) ha. Kaitlyn got lots of great presents!! Last of all was the carousel! fun, fun! Here is a picture of Kaitlyn with most of the kids that came to the party..
It was so much fun and I am so glad we decided to go to Orr Family Farm for Kaitlyn's 2nd birthday party!! She did not nap when we got home even though she was exhausted....she HAD to play with all of her new toys! :)