Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being crafty...

I have several things I really need to post about. This is a start...I should have done it two months ago, but just got pictures uploaded.
So about two months ago, I thought I should make a book for Kaitlyn for Christmas. I pictured a book that is "quiet" but kept her busy. It could even be a book for church. Now I have a book that I actually wrote and is in the publishing process, but its nothing like this. This is my crafty/touch and feel book for just Kaitlyn! :) I have never really sewn anything, so everything except the binding of the book was put together by felt glue. These are pictures before I bound it together. Its definitely not perfect and I think if I made another I could probably do better, but I was excited for her to see this one!!

dress the girl page (with velcro)
Above: tie the shoe...of course she can't do that yet, but she can play with the shoe strings. She loves shoes!
Below: I wanted to do something that zips, so the first pic shows the ladybug without spots and the second pic shows the spots that were inside the ladybug!

I think the peek-a-boo page is her favorite. I am thinking of making a book with peek-a-boos on each page.
The shape one is fun for her because she is really getting into shapes and beginning to identify them. I wish I had put a triangle on there instead of a rectangle. oh well. The pink shapes are in the pocket and you match them to the white shapes already glued on.
The snowman page has a pouch for all the pieces.
The flower page is neat for her to touch. It also smells good because I sprayed perfume on the flowers!
The purse is just because she loves purses and that has a snap on it with fun stuff inside for her to pull in and out.

It was fun to make!! She's played with it a few times. I try to have her sit with me when she plays and looks at it, because pieces will be all over the place. I already have to re-glue on some pieces, but that was expected. its hers, she can do what she wants with it.

Below was another "crafty" thing. We paint these snowmen on shirts in my classroom. This year I made one for my sweet girl. Hers was special though, it got a bow and little rhinestones as the snow around the snowman. She liked us being twins. :) She kept saying "snowman Kaitlyn, snowman Mommy!"