Monday, August 31, 2015

So I really want to change the pic on the top of this page to a new updated one.  I can't figure it out!!  I need a crash course on blogging!

Well.....this little doll turned TWO earlier this month!  I wanted to write a little bit about my Emily Sue at the age of 2!

*  She's starting to ask a lot of questions..."Where are we going?"  I hear this everywhere we go.  I give her the answer and 2 minutes later she asks again.  Over and over.
Other questions she asks...."Where's "Kiki" (what she calls Kaitlyn, her sissy)  "Where's Dadda", "Where did my pa-pa (paci) go?"  Also "What are you doing??" is what she says as soon as she walks in a room and finds me.

*When she wakes in the morning, I hear the sweetest voice..."Ohhhh Moooommyyyyy!!!!

*She does the cutest of them is she bends down and pats her legs (as if you would call for a dog to come...) and she calls for people.  Like she pats her legs and says, "Come here momma!"

*She has a crazy cute obsession with the MOON!  "Moon out??"  Moon and stars we always have to draw on paper or with chalk.  If the moon is out, she HAS to go see it.  And she really really really wants to HUG it!  My mission is to make a stuffed animal or buy one with a big soft moon so she can actually HOLD and HUG the moon!  If she's cranky or sad or hurt, seeing the MOON ALWAYS makes it all better!

*Emily LOVES LOVES LOVES to read books.  Of all her toys, she would rather grab a book and have someone read to her or "READ" herself.  She will make up words and find things in the pictures she knows and says them.  It's so fun to watch her.

*She can count to 11 and say her ABCs...she can also name animals and say their sounds.  She can recognize the letter E (for Emily) M (for momma) D (for Dadda) and K (for Kaitlyn)  Sometimes she can say A (for Apple)  We are working on colors and shapes.

*Emily is very sensitive to sound.  She didn't like the vaccuum for a long time.  She doesn't like being in crowds and clings tight to momma.  She doesn't like very many guys and is more comfortable with a soft voice.

*She loves to eat Peas.  Even frozen peas.  She also loves anything chocolate.  She loves to eat ICE pieces.  She lovest to eat fruit snacks, yogurt, macaroni, french fries, fish sticks, eggs, rice, broccoli soup, strawberries and other fruit.  Oh and a sucker will totally help her when we are trying to get through grocery shopping.  Well most snacks will help keep her distracted/busy.

*Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out what she's trying to say.  If we do figure it out, she smiles so big and starts to laugh, sometimes she will clap for us.  Aww she has such an adorable big smile and you can see her scrunch her nose and show her teeth.  It's precious.

*Lately when talking to her, she says, "hmm" alot.  I think she knows what we are saying, she just wants us to keep repeating ourselves.  She will say Hm? a whole lot if you let her.

*She knows what she wants and she will tell you a definite NO or YES!  She can say the whole sentence, "I don't want that momma." She also says, "Uh-huh!"

*Favorite phrase she says quite a bit is "Hold you mommy!"

*when getting settled on the couch to read a book, she will sometimes say with a sigh, "ALRIGHTY"

*She loves our dog and is a little too rough on her with pulling her ears.  She runs around the back yard with her and just laughs and laughs.  Molly luckily is a very easy going dog and will put up with a lot!  Emily will say, "Ohhhhh Moweeee, come here!"

*She copies Kaitlyn a lot!  She will repeat anything she says or does.

*She's been trying to jump lately.  She wants to so bad.  She enjoys going out and jumping on our small trampoline.

"Emily loves many different shows..we really don't watch TV but once or twice a day...her favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Elmo, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and Peppa Pig.  She LOVES the movie Frozen and can sit through nearly the whole thing.

*Emily loves to sing.  She can pick up on a song (especially) from church very quickly and will sing it all day long.  She loves "Let it Go" and "Do you Wanna Build a Snowman"  She also likes "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift.  :)

This lil sweetie is a joy to be around and we love her soooo much!  I am so glad I finally sat down and recorded all that I can think of for my 2 year old before she gets any bigger!


Friday, July 10, 2015

VACAY 2015

We have been having a wonderful summer!  We went on vacation to Port Aransas, Texas in mid-June.  The girls loved the beach!  We built sand castles, played at the beach, jumped waves, looked for sea shells, ate at great restaurants, went to St. Joe's Island and went to the Texas State Aquarium.  We also went to San Antonio for a night and road a boat on the riverwalk.  We also went to Rain Forest Cafe.  Coming home wasn't so fun, we got in a bad car accident.  Thank God we are all okay...but I want to focus this blog on the good times we have as a family.  Here are some pics!  

Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm back in 2015

It has been a really really long time since I've been on here... Not sure if anyone will read this, but I would like to try to start posting again every once in awhile. I am so glad I had this blog when Kaitlyn was smaller... So much that I wrote about her that I will be able to keep forever.  Since then, Emily was born!  She's now 20 months old. She has brought even more love and happiness to our little family. I have enjoyed seeing her little personality form.  Here is a little bit about Emily:

🌸she loves to eat!  I've never seen a baby eat so good as her. She will eat anytime anywhere. One of her absolute favorite foods is green peas.
🌸emily loves to cuddle!  I still have to rock her to sleep for naps and nighttime. I don't mind and I love every minute of it. Sometimes she just wants me to hold her during the day, she will say "hold you mommy!"  Or she reaches up and says "aw baby" bc she knows that's what I say when I pick her up.
🌸she can repeat after everything I say!  My favorite thing that she says is "I love you...or if I say it first she says "I love you too". So sweet.
🌸she loves baby dolls and stuffed animals.
🌸emily loves books! She will pick one up, climb in her little chair and blabber off made up words like she's reading. Her voice will go up and down and every now and then we will understand a word that's actually in the book.
🌸emily is now very mobile and everywhere we go she wants to take off!! Thank goodness for a stroller. And my new carrier.
🌸emily loves Frozen. If she sees anything with the characters on it, she will sing "let it go!" It sounds more like "et gooooo!!" Very high pitched.
🌸she loves the Taulor swift song "shake it off".  No matter how upset she may be, that always cheers her up.
🌸she loves her sister snd calls her "Kiki". She wants to do everything "Kiki" does!
🌸she loves putting on shoes. Anyone's shoes. She likes to take hers on and off. And she likes putting her socks on her hands.
🌸emily loves church! She gets excited to go to bible class!
🌸she looooves going outside and usually cries when we have to come back in.
🌸she gets so excited and claps when I understand what she's trying to tell me.
🌸she sings all the time! Twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus and row your boat are all fun to sing. And of course she sings "let it go"
🌸she can sleep thru the night but it doesn't happen too often. She has to sleep with her white bear.
🌸she likes to have a bow in her hair. She asks for one and then claps. But she usually pulls it out within a couple hours.
🌸she's tiny! Only about 4 percentile in height and 13 percentile in weight. You wouldn't know she was such a good eater!
🌸poor girl...she falls and gets hurt a lot! Kinda a clumsy little thing!
🌸she's recently learned the fun of picking flowers!
I'm sure I could go on all night. She's such a joy and so much fun!

I would post a picture but my phone isn't letting me now so I will next time I blog...

Now my big girl... Kaitlyn

This girl absolutely amazes me. She is such a good big sister and has the kindest heart. I can't believe she will be 6 years old in two months! She is in prek but can pick up a book and read already. She's currently in tap dance and soccer. She loves babies and stuffed animals and dolls. I love her fun imagination and watching her grow. She can count past 100, say the New Testament of the Bible and can remember things from when she was 2 years old. She remembers things I don't remember sometimes!  She loves animals and says she wants to someday have a job where she saves animals from the side of the road. She is always dressing up fancy and loves having tea parties! She loves writing stories.

Ok I suppose that's enough braggin about the Bryan's :). Until next time ...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Pics

For some reason, it took me about 45 minutes to figure out how to post on my own blog. :(  When I was supposed to update google awhile ago, I never did, so I have about 3 different accounts with different passwords.  None of them showed I had a after creating a new email/account I am hoping this shows up on the right blog! I have several ideas of what to update..but got some pics and wanted to share! 

We just got pics from a Fall mini session we had done a couple weeks ago.  It was fun to get some updated shots.  We had fun and I absolutely love them!  Thanks to an old friend of mine!

Friday, October 12, 2012

summer 2012's been quite a while since I have posted... I would like to be a lot better about blogging.  I gotta play catch up first.  Not sure if anyone still reads my blog.   I am going to post about our busy summer so I can start writing soon about Fall....

After the school year ended in May, we attended graduations for the teens at church and organized the graduation party at our church..a week after this, we headed to church camp.  It was Bill's first year as a youth  minister to go to camp...and boy did he stay busy!  Kaitlyn and I didn't stay the whole time...when we got back we began packing for our Disney Family vacation.  A week later, we were in Disneyworld.  We had a blast!

We stayed very busy in Disney, visiting Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney.  We stood in line for Kaitlyn to meet and get a picture with ALL the princesses.  We rode some fun rides, saw LOTS of great shows, saw lots of animals at Animal Kingdom, shopped, ate REALLY well, stayed in a princess themed room alongside the river that lead to Downtown Disney, we watched the movie BRAVE the day it came out in Downtown Disney,  and SO much more!  Disney really is a magical place!  

The day after we got back from Disney, was Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday.  We celebrated the Saturday after her actual birthday.  We had her favorite princess, Rapunzel (from Tangled) come to our house for her birthday party.  She sang and danced and colored and read to and painted the kids faces.  It was really neat.
 After Kaitlyn's party, we went out and bought a puppy.  We bought a Boxer and named her Molly.  She's a great addition to our family! Kaitlyn loves her!  she's already getting BIG--she was so small in these pics!

 A few days later, we celebrated 4th of July.  This is one of Bill's favorite traditions.

We had some fun summer days....swimming, playing outside, going to the zoo, park, etc.  We also had some really fun activities with our youth group.
Bill decided soon after that maybe we should do VBS at our church.  SO for the next month straight, we organized and gathered people up to help us decorate and prepare for VBS--curriculum, decor, etc.

We did a Toy Story theme and were pretty happy with the results.  Here was the flyer we created...

Craft room! 

one of the puppet rooms 

 one of the story rooms

Barbie!  Kaitlyn was VERY excited about her! 

It was a wonderful summer!   

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas traditions and other fun things

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!! We spread out family Christmas' into three days which was MUCH better than everything in one day. K has A LOT of new toys that I need to find a place for in her room, but for now everything is in our living room!

Throughout he month of December, we added some new Christmas traditions...
I wrapped 24 of K's books to open each night for the month of December. The first night she opened one and got excited and said, "I HAVE THIS BOOK!" I explained to her they are ALL her books that she already has, but its fun to pick one and not know what it is and then we can read it. It was a fun new tradition!

ELF ON THE SHELF! Great new tradition! We bought the elf on the shelf that includes a book that explains what to do with your elf. Each night, Buddy, (K named him) goes back to the North Pole to tell Santa that K was a good little girl and the next morning, he would appear in a new place in the house to keep an eye on her. I am going to miss having Buddy here...he helped K to eat her veggies and not throw fits...
I bought K her very own Christmas tree--back in July. I was so excited, I wanted to put it up then, but Bill made me wait. :) We took so many pictures with both of our families...I couldn't decide which to pick to put on here on my I just picked a couple. We had a great Christmas with everyone! I loooove breakfast. It's tradition for me to have a good breakfast for Christmas. We celebrated our family Christmas at home on Friday and I made these Rudolph pancakes. I switched the eye color after this pic so Kaitlyn can have the green eyes and I could have the brown...I had to get them right before we ate them. :)

Kaitlyn did just fine sitting on Santa's lap. We went to the new Outlet mall expecting it to be crowded with him being there, but there was NO line at all!!
Kaitlyn got "Jingle" the dog from me and Bill (along with other gifts--but this was probably her favorite!) Jingle comes with a book and movie. When you get to certain lines in the book, Jingle responds. Well, okay, he ONLY seems to respond to Bill when he reads the book. I read is over and over and Jingle doesn't seem to like my voice. But Jingle is still a pretty cool little pup.
Kaitlyn's a happy girl! Behind her is the Rapunzel vanity that Santa brought her. The mirror lights up when you lift up the comb and pretend makeup. She's our little princess!

Friday, September 23, 2011

my daughter...

Above is a picture of me and her today. I had a day off work and it was beautiful weather! We had a picnic in our backyard in her "house". We had so much fun together!! We did lots of other fun things too!

She is speaking sooooo well now! She asks full complete questions and we can just carry on conversations with her. When she asks a question, her voice goes up and then ends on a complete different note...hard to explain, but its hilarious!

She's been saying the sounds that different animals make for awhile, but now she likes for us to say them wrong, so she can correct us... I might say, "A cow says 'oink'." and she'll laugh and say, "No, Mama, a cow says Mooooo!"

For the longest time, anything she would say, you would hear "Mama" after it.. "Look mama, I see a K mama, its a green light mama, it's a bird mama, mama, mama look!" It never got old to me though....

When she watches tv, she likes to pick the character who she is....Like if she's watching Dora, she might say, "I be Boots, mama--you can be Dora..." It's funny. I wonder if the kids at her home day care do that too.

She loves carrying around a cup and spoon with her everywhere she goes. She pretends to stir and feed herself and her babies and us. She's gonna love cooking someday! She helps me cook dinner sometimes too.

She is saying some things that I catch myself saying...she says "that is just Perfect!" or "that's my favorite!" :) One day she caught me with my hands on my hips disagreeing with something with Bill and I look over at her and she was doing the exact same thing and pointing at him saying "You should have known Dadda!" It cracked us both up!

She loves eating lasagna and loves watermelon. She calls Lasagna--onya.

When in trouble from us, she suddenly will say, "ouchie" like she's suddenly hurt and she's trying to change the subject so we'll feel sorry for her.

We point out all the school buses in the morning before I drop her off and she says, "look another yellow school bus!" She also watches for stop lights and will say, "green means go! Red means stop! yellow means SLOOOooooow down!"

She's so complimentary....I could put her socks on for her or her hair bow and she'll smile and say, "great job momma!"

She gets so excited when seeing other kids in public. She would point to other girls and say, "oooh look it's a girl!!"

She's counting to ten in spanish...she started this a couple months ago. I think its from watching Dora. She also will say other things and then tell us its in spanish. She'll just jabber some things and say, "that was in spanish." it's hilarious. One day she said, "beep" and then said, now in spanish beep is "beeeeeeeeeeep"!

Instead of saying Abc's, she says "let me sing my ABCD's!" She's been able to say these for awhile now. She can also sing several other songs and recite lots of books. She loves anything to do with letters..she finds them everywhere! We drove by a circle K and she got so excited there was a K..."Look momma a K, K is for Kaitlyn...bye K!"

She's been going pee pee on the potty since February--BUT she's not potty trained yet. She will go every time I put her on there, but she still drinks so much and she still pees so much. I could put her on there every hour all day long, and she still will pee in her panties without knowing she did. And I haven't really tried really really hard to work on her with it. So we decided to wait a little longer before really pushing it. She used to sit down on it and get so frustrated when she couldn't pee and would look at me and say, "It's not working momma!" It was so cute and sad at the same time!

One time she woke up in the middle of the night and as I checked on her, she begged me to say a prayer with her and then it was okay for me to go back to bed.

Here are some cute quotes in her little quote book I have been keeping track of....

"That very better"
"That very hurt, momma"
"Pweeeeze hold you momma"
"Look momma Peoples!"
"Please want this"
"I can't want that..." Instead of don't, she says can't.
while praying..."Thank you for our tv, daddy's eyes, and our blankies, amen!"
watching a fire on the grill while dadda was cooking..."Happy Birthday to Dadda..."
"What's that name?" about EVERYTHING...people, characters on tv, stuffed animals...
"Look momma its a stop's sooooo pretty!"
"Look momma a stop sign, it has 8 sides!"
"Look momma its a circle, circles have 8 sides"
while someone was saying a prayer at church, she shouts out, "And thank you for my Nini!"
AFter I put her down for her nap, she jumped up and ran to me and as I was just about to get on to her and direct her back to bed, she hugged me and said, "I love you to the moon and back!"
"Jacey (our dog) is my favorite girl everywhere...and momma is my best friend!"

She LOVES is her reading another book....