Monday, September 7, 2009

This post is for NOELLE and anyone else who wanted me to post!

I've been told I need to post, so here it is Noelle! :) I am terrible about posting. i need someone to remind me every once in awhile. Above is one of our favorite pics of Kaitlyn. Bill took it on her 2 month birthday! She is growing so fast! We look back at pictures from right after she was born and she already looks so different. She has gotten good and chubby! I love it! She'll be 11 weeks old on Wednesday. Still don't know what her eye color will be. One day they look blue, then brown, then green, or gray. She sure smiles a lot now. Today was a fussy and tired day. MAybe a growth spurt? She's also drooling like crazy!! Her shirt was soaking wet yesterday. Is it possible that she could be pre-teething? Her hands are constantly in her mouth too and drool is all over them.
Below is our attempt to get a family picture with EVERYONE! :) didn't work out so well. ha.
This is Kaitlyn carrying on a great conversation with her daddy!
And here is her smiling at her momma! We tried out the bumbo seat and she loved it! I didn't really think she would be big enough for it, but she did fine in it. She sure likes sitting up and looking around.
This is us weighing her at 2 months old on our home scale.
Beautiful girl!
Here is me and my girl! This was after I became a blonde again.
I love this pic too. Pretty girl. Bill does a good job taking pictures too.