Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

13 weeks 4 days

Above--the baby's profile.
The face

the back side--check out that arm!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Weeks

I am obviously not very good about updated this thing. I will try to do better. :) Maybe it will be a long one...
Every week being pregnant, I counted down the days to 12 weeks. The risk of miscarriage goes down and so does morning sickness (or so it should). I hoped morning sickness (which totally should not be called that--it's morning, day, evening, and night sickness.) would magically disappear at 12 weeks. Well, Thursday was 12 weeks and guess what...still SICK! I have every symptom in the book that comes with pregnancy. (bad acne, headaches, back pain--yes, already, abdomen pain, morning sickness, FATIGUE, mood swings, emotional wreck, and others I shouldn't mention.... :) I think it's God's way of telling me there is still a baby in there. On days (which doesn't happen often) where I actually feel somewhat okay, I get worried something is wrong. I wish things would get better soon, especially this time of year. I am missing out on a friend's graduation party right now since I was sick this morning and last night. And Christmas shopping hasn't really happened yet.
But, I am lucky to have a good supportive husband who is helping to keep the house clean, get groceries, and who rushes to get me anything I need on the spot! :)
Last week Bill and I went in for our latest doctor's appt. and got to hear the heartbeat. I was 11 weeks pregnant, so we weren't guaranteed to hear the heartbeat, but after the nurse moved the doppler around for awhile, we were relieved to hear it! The little heart was beating 160 bpm!!! Many people are telling me since it's a high heartbeat, that means it's a girl. Bill is refusing to believe that. Although deep down I think that he thinks it's a girl too. When we find out in 6 weeks, we will finally begin purchasing things for the nursery!!!
When I went to Target the other day to buy for a baby shower, seeing all the different brands of diapers, wipes, formula, desitin, car seats, etc, etc. was kinda overwhelming. I am going to have to do some major research on what is the best to buy. I'll have to admit, some of the stuff there I had no idea what it was.
Well, that's all for now...