Sunday, January 16, 2011


So I am finally getting a little caught up with my posts...well, I am just a month behind. Here are some Christmas pics.... I wish we had taken more pics at our family's houses. We just have pics from Christmas time at our house.

Kaitlyn's Santa gift was this kitchen set and shopping cart.
here is her stocking with "Boots" at the top.

she loves her daddy! this dog is as big as her, but she loves carrying it around.

gifts from her aunts...
this one is from "Nomelle" (Noelle and uncle Mike)
and this is from aunt Erin.
checking out this kitchen...
my lil diva!
me (before chopping off my hair) and my favorite girl!

Kaitlyn cooking!

I dread coming home and having to cook a meal. I really do love cooking but I hate having to spend MORE time away from Kaitlyn after being away from her all day. So, I decided to let her start helping me cook. She had SO much fun helping. Here she is putting cheese on the casserole. She put a tiny little piece of cheese on so it took forever to cover it, but she had a blast. First I let her sit by empty casserole dish with a whisk and she pretended to stir. She loves doing this at her table and her kitchen set, so I thought she would enjoy it with mommy. Then I let her pour on the seasonings and help me stir the food. Finally, she put the cheese on top. She cried when I made her get down from the counter. But then I showed her the food in the oven with the oven light and she got all excited that it was cooking. We had so much fun together! I can't believe she is big enough to do this.

Kaitlyn's play room

One of the things I did over Christmas break--I re-decorated Kaitlyn's playroom. She sleeps in her crib in the nursery room that is attached to our bedroom and on the other side of the house, we have a playroom for her. This room will eventually be her "big girl" bedroom. I saw this sticker tree decal online and LOVED it! It was super easy to put on the wall and Kaitlyn really likes it. My mom got her this Dora table and chairs for Christmas. Kaitlyn's favorite thing to do is sit at this table and pretend she is eating and drinking. She pours tea and demands for me to sit in the other chair. "Mommy, sit down!" :) She could sit here all day long!!

Below is the shelf with most of her toys and books inside. It looks kinda crowded in this pic, but its so nice to have this shelf. The books on top are very special to me and Bill. Bill's parents found his favorite childhood book and gave it to him for Christmas--Ernie's Little Lie. It really meant a lot to him. The book in the middle was my mom and aunt's favorite childhood book--Good Little Bad Little Girl. It became my favorite as a child too. Kaitlyn likes to sit in her zebra chair and rock her baby dolls and read her books.
I found this Owl picture at Target and it matches the sticker decal I bought. I thought it was so cute! Her table has this thing in the middle that we can store her dishes and play food. Bill's family got Kaitlyn the rocking horse for her 1 year birthday. I think its so cute!
Below is the kitchen set Kaitlyn got from Santa. :) She has really enjoyed playing with it. The sign and flower on the wall I bought at Hobby Lobby.