Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Pics

For some reason, it took me about 45 minutes to figure out how to post on my own blog. :(  When I was supposed to update google awhile ago, I never did, so I have about 3 different accounts with different passwords.  None of them showed I had a after creating a new email/account I am hoping this shows up on the right blog! I have several ideas of what to update..but got some pics and wanted to share! 

We just got pics from a Fall mini session we had done a couple weeks ago.  It was fun to get some updated shots.  We had fun and I absolutely love them!  Thanks to an old friend of mine!

Friday, October 12, 2012

summer 2012's been quite a while since I have posted... I would like to be a lot better about blogging.  I gotta play catch up first.  Not sure if anyone still reads my blog.   I am going to post about our busy summer so I can start writing soon about Fall....

After the school year ended in May, we attended graduations for the teens at church and organized the graduation party at our church..a week after this, we headed to church camp.  It was Bill's first year as a youth  minister to go to camp...and boy did he stay busy!  Kaitlyn and I didn't stay the whole time...when we got back we began packing for our Disney Family vacation.  A week later, we were in Disneyworld.  We had a blast!

We stayed very busy in Disney, visiting Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney.  We stood in line for Kaitlyn to meet and get a picture with ALL the princesses.  We rode some fun rides, saw LOTS of great shows, saw lots of animals at Animal Kingdom, shopped, ate REALLY well, stayed in a princess themed room alongside the river that lead to Downtown Disney, we watched the movie BRAVE the day it came out in Downtown Disney,  and SO much more!  Disney really is a magical place!  

The day after we got back from Disney, was Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday.  We celebrated the Saturday after her actual birthday.  We had her favorite princess, Rapunzel (from Tangled) come to our house for her birthday party.  She sang and danced and colored and read to and painted the kids faces.  It was really neat.
 After Kaitlyn's party, we went out and bought a puppy.  We bought a Boxer and named her Molly.  She's a great addition to our family! Kaitlyn loves her!  she's already getting BIG--she was so small in these pics!

 A few days later, we celebrated 4th of July.  This is one of Bill's favorite traditions.

We had some fun summer days....swimming, playing outside, going to the zoo, park, etc.  We also had some really fun activities with our youth group.
Bill decided soon after that maybe we should do VBS at our church.  SO for the next month straight, we organized and gathered people up to help us decorate and prepare for VBS--curriculum, decor, etc.

We did a Toy Story theme and were pretty happy with the results.  Here was the flyer we created...

Craft room! 

one of the puppet rooms 

 one of the story rooms

Barbie!  Kaitlyn was VERY excited about her! 

It was a wonderful summer!