Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm back in 2015

It has been a really really long time since I've been on here... Not sure if anyone will read this, but I would like to try to start posting again every once in awhile. I am so glad I had this blog when Kaitlyn was smaller... So much that I wrote about her that I will be able to keep forever.  Since then, Emily was born!  She's now 20 months old. She has brought even more love and happiness to our little family. I have enjoyed seeing her little personality form.  Here is a little bit about Emily:

🌸she loves to eat!  I've never seen a baby eat so good as her. She will eat anytime anywhere. One of her absolute favorite foods is green peas.
🌸emily loves to cuddle!  I still have to rock her to sleep for naps and nighttime. I don't mind and I love every minute of it. Sometimes she just wants me to hold her during the day, she will say "hold you mommy!"  Or she reaches up and says "aw baby" bc she knows that's what I say when I pick her up.
🌸she can repeat after everything I say!  My favorite thing that she says is "I love you...or if I say it first she says "I love you too". So sweet.
🌸she loves baby dolls and stuffed animals.
🌸emily loves books! She will pick one up, climb in her little chair and blabber off made up words like she's reading. Her voice will go up and down and every now and then we will understand a word that's actually in the book.
🌸emily is now very mobile and everywhere we go she wants to take off!! Thank goodness for a stroller. And my new carrier.
🌸emily loves Frozen. If she sees anything with the characters on it, she will sing "let it go!" It sounds more like "et gooooo!!" Very high pitched.
🌸she loves the Taulor swift song "shake it off".  No matter how upset she may be, that always cheers her up.
🌸she loves her sister snd calls her "Kiki". She wants to do everything "Kiki" does!
🌸she loves putting on shoes. Anyone's shoes. She likes to take hers on and off. And she likes putting her socks on her hands.
🌸emily loves church! She gets excited to go to bible class!
🌸she looooves going outside and usually cries when we have to come back in.
🌸she gets so excited and claps when I understand what she's trying to tell me.
🌸she sings all the time! Twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus and row your boat are all fun to sing. And of course she sings "let it go"
🌸she can sleep thru the night but it doesn't happen too often. She has to sleep with her white bear.
🌸she likes to have a bow in her hair. She asks for one and then claps. But she usually pulls it out within a couple hours.
🌸she's tiny! Only about 4 percentile in height and 13 percentile in weight. You wouldn't know she was such a good eater!
🌸poor girl...she falls and gets hurt a lot! Kinda a clumsy little thing!
🌸she's recently learned the fun of picking flowers!
I'm sure I could go on all night. She's such a joy and so much fun!

I would post a picture but my phone isn't letting me now so I will next time I blog...

Now my big girl... Kaitlyn

This girl absolutely amazes me. She is such a good big sister and has the kindest heart. I can't believe she will be 6 years old in two months! She is in prek but can pick up a book and read already. She's currently in tap dance and soccer. She loves babies and stuffed animals and dolls. I love her fun imagination and watching her grow. She can count past 100, say the New Testament of the Bible and can remember things from when she was 2 years old. She remembers things I don't remember sometimes!  She loves animals and says she wants to someday have a job where she saves animals from the side of the road. She is always dressing up fancy and loves having tea parties! She loves writing stories.

Ok I suppose that's enough braggin about the Bryan's :). Until next time ...

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Chellie said...

I still read blogs. I actually kind of miss the days when this trumped Facebook.