Friday, September 23, 2011

my daughter...

Above is a picture of me and her today. I had a day off work and it was beautiful weather! We had a picnic in our backyard in her "house". We had so much fun together!! We did lots of other fun things too!

She is speaking sooooo well now! She asks full complete questions and we can just carry on conversations with her. When she asks a question, her voice goes up and then ends on a complete different note...hard to explain, but its hilarious!

She's been saying the sounds that different animals make for awhile, but now she likes for us to say them wrong, so she can correct us... I might say, "A cow says 'oink'." and she'll laugh and say, "No, Mama, a cow says Mooooo!"

For the longest time, anything she would say, you would hear "Mama" after it.. "Look mama, I see a K mama, its a green light mama, it's a bird mama, mama, mama look!" It never got old to me though....

When she watches tv, she likes to pick the character who she is....Like if she's watching Dora, she might say, "I be Boots, mama--you can be Dora..." It's funny. I wonder if the kids at her home day care do that too.

She loves carrying around a cup and spoon with her everywhere she goes. She pretends to stir and feed herself and her babies and us. She's gonna love cooking someday! She helps me cook dinner sometimes too.

She is saying some things that I catch myself saying...she says "that is just Perfect!" or "that's my favorite!" :) One day she caught me with my hands on my hips disagreeing with something with Bill and I look over at her and she was doing the exact same thing and pointing at him saying "You should have known Dadda!" It cracked us both up!

She loves eating lasagna and loves watermelon. She calls Lasagna--onya.

When in trouble from us, she suddenly will say, "ouchie" like she's suddenly hurt and she's trying to change the subject so we'll feel sorry for her.

We point out all the school buses in the morning before I drop her off and she says, "look another yellow school bus!" She also watches for stop lights and will say, "green means go! Red means stop! yellow means SLOOOooooow down!"

She's so complimentary....I could put her socks on for her or her hair bow and she'll smile and say, "great job momma!"

She gets so excited when seeing other kids in public. She would point to other girls and say, "oooh look it's a girl!!"

She's counting to ten in spanish...she started this a couple months ago. I think its from watching Dora. She also will say other things and then tell us its in spanish. She'll just jabber some things and say, "that was in spanish." it's hilarious. One day she said, "beep" and then said, now in spanish beep is "beeeeeeeeeeep"!

Instead of saying Abc's, she says "let me sing my ABCD's!" She's been able to say these for awhile now. She can also sing several other songs and recite lots of books. She loves anything to do with letters..she finds them everywhere! We drove by a circle K and she got so excited there was a K..."Look momma a K, K is for Kaitlyn...bye K!"

She's been going pee pee on the potty since February--BUT she's not potty trained yet. She will go every time I put her on there, but she still drinks so much and she still pees so much. I could put her on there every hour all day long, and she still will pee in her panties without knowing she did. And I haven't really tried really really hard to work on her with it. So we decided to wait a little longer before really pushing it. She used to sit down on it and get so frustrated when she couldn't pee and would look at me and say, "It's not working momma!" It was so cute and sad at the same time!

One time she woke up in the middle of the night and as I checked on her, she begged me to say a prayer with her and then it was okay for me to go back to bed.

Here are some cute quotes in her little quote book I have been keeping track of....

"That very better"
"That very hurt, momma"
"Pweeeeze hold you momma"
"Look momma Peoples!"
"Please want this"
"I can't want that..." Instead of don't, she says can't.
while praying..."Thank you for our tv, daddy's eyes, and our blankies, amen!"
watching a fire on the grill while dadda was cooking..."Happy Birthday to Dadda..."
"What's that name?" about EVERYTHING...people, characters on tv, stuffed animals...
"Look momma its a stop's sooooo pretty!"
"Look momma a stop sign, it has 8 sides!"
"Look momma its a circle, circles have 8 sides"
while someone was saying a prayer at church, she shouts out, "And thank you for my Nini!"
AFter I put her down for her nap, she jumped up and ran to me and as I was just about to get on to her and direct her back to bed, she hugged me and said, "I love you to the moon and back!"
"Jacey (our dog) is my favorite girl everywhere...and momma is my best friend!"

She LOVES is her reading another book....

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